5 Secrets Behind Flawless (12 Hour+) Makeup

If you’re struggling with your makeup staying as flawless as the first hour you put it on and lasting throughout the day, this post is for you. 

Makeup lasting through the day, at least 12 hours+ is a real struggle. Especially in 90-degree weather or at parties and other occasions. I honestly used to hate when my fresh applied makeup would start to break and crease after only wearing it for an hour or two. 

After trying different products and techniques I realized that the base of your makeup matters the most when you want it to last long. Now, I can the whole day with my makeup still fresh, still flawless.  

Here are 5 essential products behind flawless long-lasting makeup that any makeup wearer, whether you’re wearing it daily, occasionally, or only for a specific event, should add to their routine. 

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 01. Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the most important part of your makeup routine and essential to how your makeup is going to hold up throughout the day. Which moisturizer I start with plays on how well my foundation is going to lay and how it deals with things like heat and activity all day. 

All moisturizers basically add more moisture to your skin but a lot of them are water-based and not meant to block sweat, which causes your foundation to crease. For this, using a moisturizer that returns the moisture but gives a matte and oil-controlling finish instead works perfectly. 

My Pick: Aloe Vera Gel ($7) – known for its oil control and pore shrinking properties.

02. Primer

If I know I’m gonna be on my feet all day with makeup on I especially pay attention to what my primer does to my skin in terms of finish, it makes a big difference. The secret to this is to use a primer exactly meant for the type of makeup you want for it to last. For example, if you wanted to wear a dewy makeup look, you’d choose a hydrating or radiance primer. I know personally through trial and error that even though all primers are meant to help your makeup last longer, mattifying primers are best for all-day wear.

Personally, I will always use Milk Of Magnesia as my base. Sweat never breaks through it! Milk of Magnesia is not a “primer”, it’s a liquid laxative, but the saline in it creates a steel barrier on your skin between your pores and your foundation. This is my key and it’s a $1 at dollar tree. If you never tried this before, don’t sleep on it but, if you have sensitive skin and prefer an actual mattifying primer there are really only two I know that come close. 

My Pick: Black Radiance Shine Control primer ($7) or  Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Primer  ($36)

Tip: If you have very dry skin or very sensitive skin don’t use Milk of Magnesia as it can cause skin irritation, excess dryness, and cause your foundation to crack. For normal to oily skin, when applying Milk of Magnesia or any other matte primer apply it sparingly only on your oily zones and special attention to your T-zone.


03. Foundation

Foundation of course plays a very important role in long-lasting makeup. Fortunately, there are so many foundations that were made for this. “24-hour wear, waterproof, long-wear”, all of these types of foundations are behind flawless 12 hour+ makeup. These types of foundations were formulated not to be bothered by heat or sweat and just what your makeup needs to stand long hours, activity, and hot weather. 

My Pick:  L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte – 24-hour foundation   ($10)


04. Setting Spray

Setting spray is the key to setting and locking in your face of makeup for the day. The right setting spray will prevent your makeup from sweating, creasing, and caking up on the hottest days and the longest nights. 

My Pick: Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray ($10)

This is one of the best waterproof setting sprays and leaves your makeup with a flawless matte finish. With this setting spray, your makeup will have a hard time fading or creasing leaving you with the same fresh application you had when you first put your makeup on. This spray is formulated for makeup to last on runways, stage, and under hot photography lighting. You’ll only need two sprays for this to work its magic.

Tip: Mix a little of the spray in your foundation and then spray your face fully once finished and your makeup will not budge. 


05. Blotting Papers

Last but not least, blotting papers. Blotting papers are essential to sweatproof your makeup routine. Typically by following all the steps and paying attention to long-wear makeup products when prepping your face your makeup will be set but on occasion, sweat will still try to push through. This is where blotting comes in. After blotting if there was any oil peeking through it’s like a makeup reset.

My Pick: Palladio Rice Paper Facial Tissues for Oily Skin ($5)

Blotting Papers, drink any sight of oil up, and even if I don’t see any I blot often anyway to catch the moisture that makes me look oily. 

As long as you pay attention to these products when prepping your face for long-lasting makeup, your makeup will be set! I’ve tested it over and over at all the places you would sweat the most or would have your makeup on the longest, so I know these are the 5 secrets behind flawless 12 hour+ makeup. 

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