How to Start a Beauty Blog (That Makes Money) in 2021


Is starting a beauty blog in 2021 on your to-do list this year, whether for a part-time or for a full-time income? If not, here’s why I think it should be.

Beauty blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs online, essential for giving readers beauty advice, product reviews, and tutorials. There are many ways to grow your platform and make money with a beauty blog because of the flexibility in topics. 

Take a look at a few beauty blogger income reports and get an idea of the different ways that you can make money, even a full-time income with a beauty blog. In this post, I’ll show you how to start a beauty blog from start to finish and make money as soon as your first month! 

This post may contain affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here. If you have any questions or comments please contact me. Thank you for reading! 

Starting a beauty blog gives you the opportunity to create an exciting career in the beauty industry, allowing you to earn a good income while sharing your knowledge and experience with your audience. 

There are so many different kinds of beauty blogs with the most successful ones being niched down. Niching down with your beauty blog is important because it differentiates your blog and gives you more authority.

Since there are so many different niches in the beauty industry choose the areas you love or know the best and at most, focus on one to two. 

A few different beauty niches you can choose from are: 
  • Makeup You can focus on makeup tutorials, how-tos, makeup product reviews, etc.
  • High-End Beauty You can choose the luxury beauty and skincare niche where you blog about high-end beauty products.
  • Affordable Beauty – Plenty of women want to look their best on a budget. Your blog can focus on drugstore brands and other affordable products.
  • Skincare There are a lot of options in the skincare niche, you can focus on quick daily skincare routines, natural skincare products, etc.
  • DIY Beauty If you like to make your own homemade skincare, blog about and sell your own DIY beauty products!

The options are endless and they don’t stop there, as long as you choose a specific niche in the beauty industry and make yourself the go-to resource for that niche there’s no reason why you can’t have a successful beauty blog.

Beauty blogging not only allowed me to bring in a nice income every month but also do it in the way I love, suggesting products and tips that are helpful to others. 

To make money from your beauty blog, and have no limit on how much, I wouldn’t suggest using a platform like wordpress.com or blogger because you’d be very limited on how much you can do and how much of your own content you can monetize.

I highly recommend using self-hosted WordPress on a hosting platform like Bluehost. It costs as low as $3.95 a month to start a blog on Bluehost plus it comes with a FREE domain for the year.

With Bluehost, you can have your new beauty blog set up in less than 30 minutes! Click here to get started creating your blog and 42% off the normal price using my link.

Bluehost WordPress Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Set up Your Beauty Blog in Less Than 30 Minutes

Click here to head to the Bluehost website

You’ll land on this page first (but yours will show a discounted price if you use my link above! 🙂)

Step 1. ClickGet Started Nowand you’ll see these choices next. 

Step 2. Choose whichever plan is ideal for you, if you have a small budget then you can absolutely start with the basic plan and upgrade later. The investment will be worth it and with your new blog, you have the potential to make it back fast!

Once you pick a plan you’ll move on to choose your domain. 

Step 3. Choose a domain that will best suit your new blog, try not to make it too personal but definitely niche related. If you need some time to decide on it, pickChoose Later!and take your time choosing one. 

Next, you’ll see the account info and payment screen where you’ll complete your Bluehost account set up. Super simple right? 

Step 4. Uncheck every extra add-on under package information that might be preselected, the only one that’s really useful at first is the domain privacy protection! If you decided to add that, click on it and review your account plan. 

The long-term plans save you more money in the long run but require more of an investment upfront. Once you decide whether you want to either save more money in the long run and pay more now or pay less now and spend more overall, then you’re ready to pick your plan.

Congratulations! You officially have a Bluehost hosting account and a free domain! 

Get familiar with WordPress and make it pretty with a theme! Now that the fun part is over (lol), what you really want to know is how do you get this blog to make you money!  

In order to start making money from your beauty blog first, you need to have a plan. Writing out your goals, having a plan and strategic steps increase your chances by 100% of accomplishing them.

You should get specific about how much money you want to make, when and how!

There are multiple ways to monetize a beauty blog and you can get success even with a brand new blog and little traffic! 

Some of the most common ways to make money on your beauty blog are:

  • Affiliate links (beauty bloggers can sign up with Shop style and Amazon Associates
  • Ads (Google AdSense, Media.net, Ezoic are all beginner-friendly ad networks) 
  • Digital and/or Physical Products 
  • Email List 
  • Sponsored Posts 
  • Services (i.e. beauty consulting)
Here’s an example of an income plan you’d create to start making money with your blog your first month.  

01. Make $100 in Affiliate IncomePlan to create 10-20 blog posts rich with affiliate links. Create tutorials, product reviews, and lists and always insert affiliate links where it’s relevant. Here are 6 Types of Blog Posts That Easily Sell Affiliate Products for your new beauty blog. These posts are essential and should be your focus to start. 

02. Make $100 from AdsPlan to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest. Increasing traffic to your posts is the best way to make money per click on Ads. (This also boosts Affiliate link sales!)

Create pins for your blog posts and use Tailwind to send traffic from Pinterest to them. Tailwind makes it easy! Try it out free your first month and see how much of a difference it really makes. 

03. Make $100 in Product SalesPlan to create a helpful digital product for your readers. Beauty bloggers can create eBooks, courses, how-to guides, and video tutorials for their audience. One eBook priced at $25 would need just 4 sales for $100. Digital products not only help your blog income but give your audience the help they need from you. 

Alternatively, you can sell physical products or dropship beauty products directly from your blog. This is my favorite way of monetizing a beauty blog. Unlike with ads and affiliate links, you don’t have to wait for a minimum payout and receive your profit from sales in a few days.

04. Start an Email ListPlan to send out weekly newsletters to your email list, giving your readers a first look at your fresh published blog posts. Through your email list, you can direct your subscribers straight to the content that leads directly to your products or affiliate links. 

05. Work with Brands –  Getting paid to work with brands is a great way to monetize your beauty blog. This is especially true for beauty bloggers and can make you hundreds of dollars each month. Once you perfect your media kit you can start applying to companies that look for sponsored posts. 

When you apply to any company looking for sponsored posts, make sure you fully fill out your profile so that you don’t get overlooked. Include your blog URL, your social media links, and your blog niche.

Based on your blog traffic, social media following, and other aspects, you can make as much as $200 per post or more. 

What do you think, are you ready to start a money-making beauty blog?

Those are just a couple of examples of how you would plan out how to monetize your beauty blog and once you get creative you’ll notice that there are many more ways a beauty blogger can make a full-time income blogging. Of course, results may vary but start with an income plan and it will put you 10 steps ahead. You can make $100 or more your first month with any one of those options! 

You have everything you need to start this journey of being a successful beauty blogger, you can start monetizing from day one and have multiple sources where your income will come from. 

If you need more starter resources click here for all the blogging tools I love and use to run my blog.

Do you have any questions about starting or monetizing your beauty blog? If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful please share it on Pinterest and leave a comment. 

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