6 Best Ways Beauty Bloggers Can Make a Full Time Income Blogging

There are a million beauty and lifestyle bloggers out there and only a handful of them make a substantial amount of money from their blog. Why is this seeming so hard to do when there are multiple ways to make money from a blog? 

I admit I had 2 beauty blogs that failed terribly because I had no idea how to monetize them, I didn’t even really think I could. Now I know that is the furthest from the truth and I could’ve made money with my blogs as soon as the first few months.

The first step is treating your blog like you want to make money from it. If you have a beauty or lifestyle blog and are curious about how you can earn a decent income from it, here are 6 creative ways to start making money from your blog today.

This post may contain affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here. If you have any questions or comments please contact me. Thank you for reading! 

01. Affiliate links

Affiliate links are among the most popular ways a beauty blogger can monetize their blog. Nearly 3.7 billion dollars worth of beauty products are sold online and beauty bloggers are front and center recommending these products and their uses to their audience. It doesn’t cost your readers anything extra to purchase what you recommend in your blog posts and as an affiliate, you earn commissions off of simply suggesting products you use and love. This makes affiliate marketing a win-win. 

There are plenty of starter affiliate programs for beauty bloggers that accept even new bloggers. Here are some of the best: 

  • Amazon 
  • Shareasale
  • Rakuten 
  • BH Cosmetics : Commission: 15% per sale
  • Sephora : Commission: 5-10% per sale
  • Ulta Beauty : Commission: 2-5% per sale
  • Coastal Scents: Commission: 7% per sale

Affiliate marketing makes it possible to start monetizing your blog from day one but it could take some time before it can generate a full-time income. Once your blog is set up with plenty of content and affiliate links, you can literally make money while you sleep.

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Pros: Affiliate marketing is super powerful and can help generate fast revenue from your blog. There are no minimum pageviews to meet in order to use them and plenty of affiliate programs for beauty bloggers to apply to. 

Cons: While beauty products are amongst the most popular affiliate products to promote, they aren’t high ticket items. Using a program like Amazon for example the percentage of commission of products ranges from 6%-10%. If you wanted to mainly focus on Affiliate marketing on your beauty blog, promoting high-end products would serve you the most. 


Action Plan: 

Plan to create 10-20 blog posts rich with affiliate links. Create tutorials, product reviews, and lists and always insert affiliate links where it’s relevant. Here are 6 Types of Blog Posts That Easily Sell Affiliate Products for your new beauty blog. These types of posts are essential and should be your focus to start making money with a new blog. 


02. Sponsored Posts

If you want to make money from your beauty blog, sponsored posts are another great place to start. Maybe there is a beauty product you want to share with your readers, or maybe a skincare company you tried, love, and would love to review.

Sponsored posts involve you reaching out to companies and brands that you want to work with and pitching your post idea to them, you can join influencer networks and build a profile, or brands can find you through your audience and ask to work with you. 

You can charge anywhere from $50-$300 a post and can do blog posts and/or social media posts. The key to landing sponsored posts is creating a flawless media kit and content that brands would want to pay you for. 

To really make the best out of your sponsored post partnerships you should only review products that align with your specific niche so that your readers don’t feel like you’re pushing a non-relevant ad in their face. 

Pros: Building relationships with different brands can help increase traffic, authority and build a consistent cash flow from your blog. Thanks to influencer programs that have low requirements to join, you can start building brand relationships from day one and secure sponsored post(s) as soon as your first month. 

Cons: Even though you can start reaching out to brands and creating sponsored posts as a new blogger, the higher your blog traffic, social media following, and other aspects, can determine how much you charge for content. (up to $200 per post or more.) You’d likely have to start small and then raise your prices as your audience grows. 


Action Plan: 

Write 5-10 blog posts that sell and then create a media kit. A media kit is a chart that shows how much traffic you get avg/ a month and how many social media followers you have. (Pinterest if you only have Pinterest). It should also show how many email subscribers you have and give a brief description of what your blog is about. Make sure you mention who your target audience is and demographically who mainly reads your content. This helps the brand know for sure if you’re the right voice for their product(s).  

As a new beauty blogger you might not have a lot of stats but create one anyway since this is as professional and prepared as you can look and help you get more sponsored posts!


03. Ads

This is the most common way beauty bloggers monetize their blogs, especially new bloggers. Placing ads on your blog is one of the more passive ways to monetize and over time can add up to a steady stream even a full-time income the more traffic your blog grows.

Ads can bring in anywhere from a few hundred to $1,000 a month. The more posts you write -> the more you get your ads in front of your readers -> the more money you can make. To start I recommend applying for Google Adsense since the entry barrier is low, in time you can work your way up to the more advanced ad networks that have higher pay.

Pros: A passive way to monetize your blog. There are multiple ad networks to choose from that range from the lower paying networks (like Google Adsense and Ezoic) to higher paying networks (like Mediavine) based on your traffic and eligibility.

Cons: The amount of money you can make from ads is solely based on traffic and in some cases the more ads you have up. This is especially true for ad networks that pay lower. This is a pro and a con in itself. To make a significant amount of money with ads on your blog, focus on lengthy blog posts and increasing blog traffic.


Action plan: 

Prepare to apply for Google Adsense. Requirements are 5-10 blog posts (500-1,000 words), a privacy policy page, and an about page to apply and get accepted. The first payout isn’t for 90 days, then 30 days every month after. You can only cash out when the threshold has reached $10.


04. Courses/Memberships/Workshops

Depending on your specific beauty niche it could really help your audience to get the information they need from you through a course. For example, if you have a blog on creating your own makeup and skincare line, you sell your own products through your blog and you also have a course on how your readers can create their own product lines.

Courses can be lucrative since they contain so much information, you can charge $100 and up for one course. 

Maybe you have a beauty blog on budget beauty and you share all the best low-cost beauty finds, sales, and promotions directly from brands and stores, this is information you could create a membership for and deliver content daily, weekly and monthly. Beauty gurus, artists, and enthusiasts would really love having access to that because spending money on makeup is a real expense. 

If you have expertise in applying makeup or are a skincare professional then creating a workshop for your readers is a perfect way to show them the advice they need or want. The beauty industry has the advantage of being able to demonstrate via pictures and videos, this works great for, for example, a beginner makeup application workshop or the foundation of skincare prep and maintenance.

As long as you define and target your audience’s specific needs creating a workshop is a great way to monetize your beauty blog. 


05. Services

Beauty bloggers actually have a lot of services they can provide, from beauty consultations to makeup artist services. Plenty of people have needs that require a beauty expert and this is where you come in. You can create a landing page for your services and start creating content that your clients need while directing them to your services.

Alternatively, you could provide writing services through your blogs like sponsored posts as mentioned, and copywriting for cosmetics, skincare, and hair. Beauty copywriters write product descriptions, web copy, and newsletters for beauty brands but you could also just provide blog writing services for a company website. 

To create a client base around this service start building a portfolio of related content for the brands you want to write for, nothing short of what you would already write on your beauty blog like product reviews, product releases, and how-to-use tutorials


06. Selling Physical Products

Beauty bloggers create authority with their audience by giving honest and genuine opinions of products, this gives you an advantage when promoting your own products. This is why selling physical products through your blog is one of my favorite ways to monetize a beauty blog! I honestly stumbled on it by accident. I wrote a comparison review of a few products in my online store and guided the traffic from the post on my blog to them, from that I made 7 store sales! 

Unlike with ads and affiliate links, you don’t have to wait for a minimum payout and will receive your profit from sales in a few days. Don’t worry if you don’t actually have any physical products to sell, you can dropship products from companies you love and set your own profit point. You can make anywhere from $12-$100 each sale depending on the product’s actual price point and how much you charge for profit. 

There are a variety of beauty products you can dropship like makeup brushes, hair care, eyelashes, nail polish, perfumes, and more. 

To get started, you can set up a storefront directly on your blog using Woocommerce, link to it in your blog menu, and create affiliate posts around the products. Alternatively and my personal favorite way is to create a Shopify store (which has built-in dropshipping apps, perfect for beginners) and link out from your blog posts to the products in your store. In my full guide on how to start a beauty dropshipping store, I share how to quickly drive traffic and sales to your products and how you can pair this beauty business with others for even more profit.  

If you do have your own products even better! You can sell handmade cosmetics, body scrubs, natural skincare, and more. Selling products on your beauty blog is a great way to monetize from day one.  


Just by starting with one of these ways to monetize you’ll be on your way to a super-profitable beauty blog. Haven’t started a blog yet and want to start your own? Check out my step-by-step guide on how to start a beauty blog that makes money and start yours today.

Which monetization strategy are you excited to try on your beauty blog? If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful share it on Pinterest and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.  





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