10 Popular Beauty Business Ideas for Beauty Entrepreneurs

The beauty industry, a multi-billion dollar industry, is full of profitable opportunities! That’s actually one of the best things about pursuing a career in the beauty industry, there’s always room for more professionals and new products because people will always be interested in improving their looks.

If you love helping people look their best or if you prefer more of the behind-the-scenes side of beauty (like writing beauty product descriptions or being a beauty blogger), these 10 popular beauty business ideas should be top picks for all future beauty entrepreneurs. 

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01. Beauty Blogger

Blogs are not dead, beauty blogs in fact are rising just like every other avenue in the beauty industry. Beauty blogging is one of the most lucrative and low-cost ways to enter the beauty industry. A passion for both beauty and writing is best for this beauty business since you’ll be writing a lot but you have the chance to become an authority in your specific beauty niche.

You can make a full-time income from sharing product reviews, beauty advice, and other helpful tips. You work for yourself, create your own schedule, and have control over how little or how much you make. After a while, you’ll start to receive rolling commissions or passive income for your product suggestions and you can use your platform to promote your own products and services.

This is honestly a business I would suggest any beautypreneur pursue! Read How to Start a Beauty Blog (That Makes Money) for a step-by-step on how to start your own beauty blog and make money as soon as your first month of blogging.


02. Beauty Copywriter 

Beauty copywriting is an essential beauty business and is often overlooked. It’s a part of every beauty business so the need for it is never-ending. In the likes of beauty blogging, if you like to write and have a knack for marketing, beauty copywriting is for you. Beauty copywriters write product descriptions and create product ads for beauty companies so nearly everything you read from email newsletters to beauty product descriptions is beauty copy. 

To become a freelance beauty copywriter start perfecting your writing skill, draft a few samples of your work, and reach out to beauty businesses to pitch working with them. Beauty copywriters can make up to $2,000 a month with just a few clients and is a very lucrative part of the beauty industry to be in. 



03. Start a Beauty Dropshipping Store

Starting a dropshipping store in 2021 is a quick way to start a beauty eCommerce store with low risks. Since you hold no inventory, your start-up costs are super low and you can make money from your store in as little as 7 days. I started a beauty dropshipping store and in a few months started to make over $1,000 a month with little experience!

The products you can sell in your store are endless, you can sell eyelashes and makeup bags, beauty sponges or vanity mirrors, and more. Dropshipping stores are popular this year even more so ranking as one of the best starter businesses mainly because of its low overhead and high potential income. You can make as much or as little as you want. 

To get started, you can open a Shopify store for only $30/month on the basic plan and import products you want to sell directly from dropshipping suppliers to your store. Since you don’t physically have the products, when you make a sale, buy the product from the supplier, the supplier will ship the product to the customer, and you keep the profit. There’s little risk involved and nothing but potential!

This is one of my favorite beauty businesses and a great starter business for any new beauty boss. In my full guide on how to start a beauty dropshipping store, I share how to quickly drive traffic and sales to a brand new store and how you can pair this beauty business with others for even more profit.  


04. Sell Cosmetics 

Cosmetics are essential to the beauty industry, half a billion dollars is made in the beauty industry from just cosmetics alone. You can start your own eCommerce store selling your own private label cosmetics or selling other companies.

Starting your own private label cosmetics line has the most upfront costs and requires the most work on this list but can be really lucrative. With some dedication and time, you can have your own cosmetics line and be along with Huda Beauty, Sacha Cosmetics, and Fenty Beauty. 

To sell another company’s cosmetics this could be done by either drop shipping or by becoming a company consultant to directly sell their products. These are the two best options for saving time and money.

When you direct sell cosmetics some companies provide you with a starter kit, marketing tools, and discounts on products. You get high commissions on all sales you make and can start for under $50-$100. There’s also a lot of companies to choose from. Here’s a list of some of those companies so you can see all the different brands and cosmetic products you could sell. You could sign up for one of these and easily start selling cosmetics today. 


05. Be a Freelance Makeup Artist 

The popularity and demand for Makeup Artists rise daily. Becoming a freelance Makeup Artist is one of the most lucrative and popular ways to become a beauty entrepreneur.

As a freelancer, you have the option to work from home, in a personal studio, or be a traveling artist working in your client’s homes or on a photoshoot and video set. Your potential clients will be anyone from brides to models and celebrities to your everyday woman who wants to be glammed. 

The start-up costs can be as low as $100 and since you can be self-taught you can gain clients fast by using your social media to network and build your portfolio. Makeup artists also charge anywhere from $50 to $200 for their services so once you have a good amount of clients you can make a really good income.

Read my complete guide on How to Become a Freelance Makeup Artist and Book Your First Client in 2021 if you’re interested in this exciting beauty career. 


06. Be a Beauty Guru/Influencer 

Clearly, YouTube is just as popular as any social media today, with beauty gurus and influencers showing up on it every day. Beauty influencers are on the rise so the competition is high but becoming successful as one is very worth it.

You could apply your makeup perfectly and want to teach others how they can do it too, or just want to talk about the beauty products you love. For either, starting a YouTube channel and becoming a beauty influencer is it.

A YouTube channel is a great platform to promote products and promote your services especially if you’re a makeup artist, lash tech, or hairstylist. YouTube is lucrative and there are many ways to make money by having one.

You can get paid for video views, brands reaching out to you and paying you to promote their products, and/or by giving exposure to your own brand or services. The start-up costs for becoming a beauty influencer are essentially $0. You can start recording, editing, and uploading right from your phone.

No doubt YouTube will continue to grow exponentially over the years so now’s a great time to start this beauty business. 


07. Become a Lash Technician

Lash technicians are beauty entrepreneurs who have risen dramatically over the past years and with lashes becoming a necessity to enhance your appearance now is as good a time as ever to become one.

Certified lash techs can freelance and take clients from their homes or work from a studio or salon. Services provided by lash techs can start pricing at $75 offering to extend, lift and tint clients lashes


08. Be a Hairstylist/Sell Hair

Hairstylists will forever be essential to the beauty industry being a necessity to improve women’s overall appearance. Becoming a hairstylist would require a lot of work, studying to perfect your skill, getting proper state licensing, and building up solid clientele but this hard work equals big rewards.

Hairstylists have a variety of services to offer from a simple wash and blow to full-on perms and recolors. This makes the amount of money to be made flexible and uncapped. Hairstylists can work from home, a studio, or a salon, or be a traveling stylist working on photosets and shoots.  

Bonus: Hair extensions, weaves, and colors are some of the top purchases and services provided by hair stylists so selling these or your own custom hair care products to clients can make this beauty business even more lucrative.   


09. Brow Tech 

Another hot beauty business that’s trending is brow shaping and micro-blading. As a brow tech, services you provide are brow shaping, threading, micro-blading – a form of tattooing that creates a permanent brow or brow tinting which is more semi-permanent.

Becoming a freelance brow tech is as simple as taking a few classes, getting a brow starter kit, and taking your first clients. This is a growing trend and more and more brow techs are showing up, and it isn’t a hard skill to learn. 


10. Nail Tech

Nail technicians are essential to the beauty industry ranking top with makeup artists and hairstylists. As a nail tech, you’ll find you never have a shortage of clients and plenty of services to offer from manicures and pedicures to acrylic and gel.

Nail techs are highly sought and once you’ve completed all state licensing and regulations becoming a freelance nail tech is as simple as building a portfolio on social media and getting your first few clients.

You can work from home, a studio or a salon. You can expand by opening your own salon and adding products to sell like nail polish or classes for other aspiring nail techs. This is of course a beauty business that will only grow in 2021. 


Deciding which beauty business best suits you is only the first step, after that real dedication on your part is needed to build your beauty business up and make a name for yourself.

You have a lot of options this year and you don’t have to choose one, be a beauty blogger who also writes beauty copy, or be a makeup artist who has a beauty dropshipping store. Do what you love and only focus on what you can bring to the table until you see success! 

Which beauty business are you interested in starting? 

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