6 Types of Beauty Blog Posts That Easily Sell Affiliate Products

What types of beauty blog posts are best for selling and promotion? Not every blog post can convert readers into sales and this is especially true in the beauty blogging niche. If ever find that you have affiliate links or products you want to sell but they aren’t, here’s how to refresh some of your blog posts. 

Sometimes accidentally beauty bloggers go the route of creating blog posts filled with their personal opinions of products or routines and that distracts the reader from how the products can actually help them. Personal posts are good and honest! But they have to be strategically created to solve a problem or answer a question a reader has and not focus entirely on you. This will work much better at getting sales in the beauty niche (every niche actually!) because they give the reader a reason to buy.

Either you have a link, any link you want to convert from clicks into sales these types of posts are super effective. 

Here are 6 types of blog posts for beauty bloggers, even if you’re not really good at “selling” things or never got an affiliate sale on your blog, that is best for getting link clicks and sales. 

This post may contain affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here. Thank you for reading! 

01. Reviews 

Reviews for Affiliate Link/Product Sales

Review posts of products are perfect for selling products since mostly when you’re looking up a product you need to solve a problem you want to know how it works. There are two types of review posts, a single review of a product or a compare and contrast review of multiple products, both very effective. 

These types of blog posts drive a lot of traffic to your beauty blog or online store because people will probably search through a few opinions before they decide which is the best. If your post is informative enough and you’ve given your reader everything they want to know about the product, pros, and cons, you’ll be making it easier for them to buy from you.

Here’s an excellent foundation review on Huda beauty for example. 

Review Posts for Sponsored Posts

Review posts are also great for beauty blogs especially because this is also how you get brands interested in working with you, which is another way to monetize your blog. Brands will want to send you products for your review and you can write the review in exchange for the product or charge a fee. 

Since you can make up to $200 per post alone, If you wanted to solely monetize your beauty blog with sponsored posts then these types of posts are the posts that would benefit you the most. 


02. Tutorials 

Tutorials are one of the most essential types of blog posts to post if you really want to sell beauty products or your affiliate links. Tutorials are not limited to YouTube videos, you can make plenty of step by step posts using either one specific product or multiple. 

Beauty blog posts like this and this not only helps your readers with steps on how to do something but introduces them to new products that help them achieve the finished result.

Tutorials are great for a beautypreneur overall because it creates authority and credibility. For selling products via your online store, these posts act as the answer customers may need before finally deciding to make a purchase. 


03. Video Tutorials 

Likewise, video tutorials also are very effective and popular in the beauty community. If writing a full guide seems like too much to you you can always create a video tutorial instead. These work fabulously with promoting beauty products because your readers can visually see how to use them and the immediate result.

Many YouTubers already do this when promoting products, offering a code to use when you purchase through their link and making commissions off of the sale. 


04. Lists 

List posts are very popular for beauty products and no matter how many times it’s done they’re always very effective “sales posts”. List posts help readers find the best information about one topic all in one place.

Posts like “10 Foundations for Sensitive Skin” or “7 Easy-to-Apply Drugstore Lashes for Beginners” are share-worthy and a great resource for readers to save for later and shop repeatedly. 

A great example is a post on Nubelease “The 37 Best Drugstore Foundations To Try in 2020” which gives you more than foundation recommendations but also the best brushes to apply it and primers. 


05. Post Series 

Posts that follow a timeline to achieve a result are also very engaging therefore get many link clicks. For example, “I Tried These Products in my Curly Hair Care Routine for 10 Days, Here’s What Happened” These peak readers’ curiosity and they want to know more about the products and their results. 

Another way to write these kinds of posts is to break your topic up into a series of posts documenting your real-time results using the product/s and then lastly the final result. Like an extended tutorial. 

For example, “Day 1 of 7: Results Using Witch Hazel as a Toner for Clearer Skin” (Witch hazel as a toner is actually great for the skin side note and skincare posts like these do great on my beauty blog for product recommendations, always resulting in a flow of affiliate sales).

This is a great way to get people interested in your post and products! Walking your readers through the process of achieving the end goal helps them decide easier if your product can actually solve their problem or fulfill their needs. 


06. Interviews 

Interviews are a great way to get another expert opinion in the industry and a great way to suggest and sell products. During your interview with a guest (beauty blogger, makeup artist, beauty influencer, etc.) ask questions about products they love, specific beauty routines they do, and other beauty advice that can be helpful to your readers.

These posts can bring in a lot of traffic since readers seeking beauty advice are always eager to know what beauty professionals suggest. Blogs like Into the Gloss do this often with posts like “ Interview: Inside a Dermatologists Skincare Routine” 

Similarly, expert roundup posts fall perfectly into this category. Get the opinion of multiple experts in the beauty niche to share their round table reviews and opinions of an affiliate product in a post.

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Here’s an action plan to use with these post types to increase affiliate and product sales:
  • Create a good relationship of trust and authenticity with your readers so that they value your opinion and recommendations
  • Don’t ever recommend products you wouldn’t use or don’t like 
  • Pay attention to what your readers buy and are interested in. Pay attention to the posts that get the most affiliate sales, and create more like them!
  • Create great content and sell more than a product, sell a solution, sell an outcome, and sell a life upgrade. 


Your post should always be about sharing something of value with your readers first, then everything else (the money) will flow naturally. Any affiliate links you include should be relevant and useful, enhancing the post and providing a convenient way for the reader to take your advice with the products you suggest.

Which of these blog posts do you think will help your business the most? Save this post for later and leave us a comment! 




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